Baby Boomer Wellness - Ten Pound Weight Transformations for Women
         Lose 10 Pounds Now!

If you're a baby boomer woman, then you know about those extra pounds that tend to appear and are increasingly difficult to lose.
Losing weight doesn't have to be difficult, depressing, or time consuming.
I offer a weight loss program that is uniquely tailored to your individual needs and your goals.

What is unique about my program is that, as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I am able to help you eliminate your stress eating, which sabotages the best attempts to lose weight.

If your goal is to lose more than 10 pounds, then start with 10 pounds and apply the same tools that brought you success to the next 10 pounds. It doesn't have to be overwhelming! It's totally do-able!

                 Questions?  Call or email today:
                      Teresa Trower M.A. LMHC
       Certified "From Heartbreak to Happiness®" Coach
                            (904) 260-1486
               Free Teleseminar
I would like to offer you a free teleseminar that I recorded on the topic of "Preventing Diabetes and Self Care". Losing weight and dealing with stress are only two of the ways that you can love, appreciate, and honor yourself.
To receive my free teleseminar, please  fill out the contact
information below and discover:"
1) if you have the risk factors for Diabetes
2) the truth about low fat foods
3) foods that won't spike your blood sugar
4) the one food type that will diminish your appetite
5) the warning signs for Metabolic Syndrome
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